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All about Whitening Strips

We have heard a lot about whitening strips! There are many misconceptions too about them. But, all of them aren’t true. It’s mostly a misconception that has been rumoured or false claims did against them. Well, have you ever thought, why do your teeth get stained? What causes them? Obviously, we often look for solutions to problems but neglect the root cause. Because solutions are easy to adapt to and gives instant results!

Yes, we agree with the point, but in our opinion, finding the root cause and then treating them medically is the best solution. So, let’s talk about the reasons for the discolouration and staining of the tooth and then about the solutions, which really gives you instant result, guaranteed.

Our teeth are actually covered by a protective layer, called enamel. This enamel can be destroyed by many factors, including the food we eat. Persistent exposure of teeth to certain foods, like coffee, red wine, chocolate causes staining to teeth, which when delayed in treating becomes a permanent one. Plague gets built up over this area and the teeth look dirty and yellowish, throwing away the pearly shiny look.

Sugary foods are a big friend of this plague, and the bacteria build up on the teeth with more sugar intake. This bacterium even occupies your gums and whole mouth and leads to bad breath problems along with teeth discolouration.

Apart from foods, exposure to chemicals, found in many pastes and chemical whiteners that aren't approved by the medical department often lead to eroding of enamel that displays the dentin within! The enamel gets eroded even with age, which is the last factor for yellow colouration. So, these are the reasons for that yellow colour of the teeth. Caretaking tips:

Brush teeth soon after you consume sugary foods

Brush teeth twice a day, and floss them too.

Use toothpaste, free of chemicals

Avoid too many acidic foods

Well, apart from following all these, are your teeth still yellow? Is that causing a discomfort and reducing your confidence at work? Then a professional whitening kit is what you need! As we said, there are a lot of misconceptions and we will clarify them here, now!

Are whitening products safe?

The products that are prescribed by your dentist or a recognised doctor, is always safe to use. Never use over the counter whitening products, which may pose threat to your teeth. The clinically approved products contain good amounts of cleaning agents and hydrogen peroxide mixture, which doesn't create harm as much as the non-approved does. Benefits of using Teeth whitening products:

Improves overall dental health: The whitening procedure; which once done, gives self-discipline to the person, making them more responsible to take care of their oral health. This leads to better oral health with whitening.

Improves confidence:

Do we love to smile with that yellow tooth on? Not at all! This whitening product gives us the confidence to face the issues with much ease.

Affordable process:

Teeth whitening products are available everywhere and are affordable when compared to other processes.

No surgery needed:

We have seen and heard many people, who change their whole teeth system, to get a permanent whiter tooth, just for yellow stubborn teeth. Well, surgery should always be the last option, so try these whitening products and stay assured and away from surgery.

Younger looking you:

when smiles become real, it shows in the face. And when a smile is a reason to smile, it's magnificent feeling! Your shiny smile will make your face glow and make you look younger than you thought of!

Flash fix:

With yellow teeth, it would be hard to face the camera. But, with whitening, you are always ready to face the camera, fix those flashes with smiles and miles of smiles.

Creates happiness:

Ultimately who doesn’t love to flaunt the whiter, pearly teeth! We all do!! So, when you do flaunt those teeth, with your wider smile, you are actually doing wonders to your body, releasing happy hormones, which is the reason for happiness and allows you to be healthier. Well, we hope you are now eager to get the product in hand and give it a try. Yes, we vouch for it, please go ahead and try. There are a lot of over the counter whitening products, but please buy the one clinically approved, professional kits, that has instructions for own use. Flash those smiles, without shy!